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AZ-Armaturen South Africa


AZ-Armaturen SA was established in 1985 and manufactures in Boksburg, AZ-Armaturen SA belongs to the German owned & worldwide acting AZ-Armaturen Group.
Az-Armaturen SA is nowadays the sole South-African manufacturer of sleeved self-lubricated plug valves and allied products. AZ-Armaturen is fully equipped to repair all types of soft-seated plug valves.




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Mens Clothing, Gelatin (including gelatin in rectangular sheets, Industrial Valves, Plug Valve, Wastewater Treatment Plants, Water & Sanitation Services,


Gelatin (including gelatin in rectangular sheets

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AZ Armaturen

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Two way plug valve with safety stuffing box packing, special design for HF alkylation, Monel materials

Type ISO-FS-HF with Fire Safe sealing Type ISO FSN-HF with triple safety sealing for fluctuating temperatures ASME: NPS ½“ – 24“ / class 300 

PT range: -29 < T < 220°C

Design Features 

Design Characteristics 

  • Safety stem packing 
  • Easily accessible plug adjustment 
  • UOP approved design for HF Alkylation 
  • Free of cavities 
  • Maintenance free / self lubricating
  • HF detection coat for leakage indentification
  • Actuator mounting flange acc. to DIN ISO 5211

Approved for the highest HF Alkylation UOP Process Specifications 

AZ HF plug valves are specially designed for the use in any HF Alkylation processes and hydrofluoric acid applications design and material requirements, as well as manufacturing and testing procedures, are in accordance to the UOP process and piping specifications HF1, HF10, HF2 and HF20


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Repairs and Refurbishments of Valves


Repairs of all types of Plug Valves and allied products.

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