Welcome to Future Foods - the Food & Beverage Industries Virtual Conference & Trade Show

Future Foods is a virtual meeting place for importers, F&B managers, retail category buyers, owner-operators, agents, and distributors from across Africa’s diverse and booming market to come to conferences, to network, meet exhibitors, source products, new ingredients, retail shelf-ready products, and the latest processing, packaging, and logistics solutions. Future Foods connects attendees exhibitors across the supply chain via chat, video call, and offline messaging.

Africa Market Statistics

Africa's annual food import bill is estimated to rise to $110 billion by 2025. Africa's Food and Beverages market grew from $75.63 billion in 2010 to $142.61 billion in 2019. COVID-19 recovery and market growth are expected to reach $143.99 billion in 2020 and $277.16 billion in 2030. The  IMF reports that sub-Saharan Africa has some of the continent's fastest-growing economies.

Visitor Profile

Food Industry attendees include industry CEO’s, General managers, Owner-Operators, Import/Export managers, Agents, Distributors, F&B managers, F&B Procurement, managers, Packaging managers, Restaurant managers, Food science technologists, Logistics managers, Chefs, Bakers, Catering managers, Government officials, and Foreign mission representatives.

Visitors and Attendees can:

  • Safely visit Future Foods from any Internet-connected device
  • Attend conference sessions at no cost.
  • Add Conference sessions to private Calendar and receive email reminders
  • Watch conference programs live and past sessions on demand
  • Present questions to conference speakers and receive real-time answers
  • Source companies by product interest
  • Request product-specific quotations
  • Video call exhibitors from the exhibitor’s virtual booth
  • Schedule video call meetings with busy or offline exhibitors
  • Electronic briefcase to collect documents from exhibitor booths
  • Add and share news and exhibitor press releases from the Media Centre to their ‘electronic briefcase’
  • Manage integrated product matchmaking to find exhibitor suppliers
  • Live chat with online exhibitors
  • Leave messages for offline exhibitors
  • Invite private network connections
  • Network selectively with exhibitors and attendees

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Join Africa's Vibrant Food & Beverage Industries Community

Join Future Foods’ new virtual TV format. We promise pure edutainment! Join to network, engage new customers and share the journey towards the Future of the F&B Industries in Africa. 

 Future Food Conference Themes

  • Address Key Industry Issues that provide support and guidance across the food supply chain
  • Assist Exporters with cross border business understanding
  • Elevate public discourse about the importance of food systems
  • Highlight existing solutions and celebrate leaders in food systems transformation
  • Call different actors as communities, companies, civil society, citizens, and food producers across African Countries to take new actions in the face of the pandemic. 
  • Intra-Africa Industry Trade Show for Economic Stimulation
  • B2B Networking

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