Call for Speakers and Speaker Nominations

Dear interested Speaker


The Virtual Event Company cordially invites you to be a speaker at Future Logistics Business launching as an ongoing virtual conference and exhibition on the 3rd and 4th May 2022, where you will help resolve the challenges faced by the industry across Africa for government departments, manufacturers, and purchasing stakeholders drive performance and best understand how to achieve their goals



The purpose of this two-day launch conference is to introduce industry themes and to showcase business cases that bring an understanding of the challenges faced and the innovation, technology, products, and services that can address these. Themes will be unpacked by way of various speakers and moderated panelists who will address ongoing Series of Topics as these relate to Themes. 



Conference Background

All industries across the world are awakening to a digital age reality where customers not only require services but the ease of use of those services. Companies are joining the digital age with smart ‘apps’ and big data to; manage, grow and break industry challenges. Most businesses and government departments today must focus on; service delivery, (customer) engagement, data mining and efficiency improvement to achieve and sustain mutual objectives.

Conference Objectives

The Organizers of Future Logistics Business appreciate that unpacking value for the Logistics Industries cannot be addressed in 2 days. This is a shared journey requiring the input of multiple professional stakeholders from the numerous segments that make up these Industries.  

We welcome proposals for new Themes and highlight the Themes below to set the stage for the rollout of new Themes and Theme Topics for this ongoing shared experience and journey. 

As a speaker you are required to share testimonies on how solutions have helped you achieve your goals, we ask that you share your successes and challenges. You are welcome to propose a new theme and or propose topics you believe are relative to the themes below:



  • Forklifts and DC Vehicles: Tomorrow’s Forklifts Explored.
  • Warehouse Automation: Lights Out? The Future of Warehousing.
  • IT Hardware: Rugged Mobility for Pick & Track.
  • Loading Bay: Efficient Dock Operations
  • Materials Handling: Intralogistics Projects and Innovations.
  • Packaging: When Waste is not a dirty word.
  • Robotics: Collaboration or Conflict? Who Wins When Humans and Robots Meet?
  • Software: Top 10 Apps – What They Do and How They Grow Your Business.
  • Transport & Forwarding: Winning the Friction Fight.
  • Warehouse Automation: Lights Out? The Future of Warehousing.
  • Logistics: The 2030 Logistics Landscape 


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Sindy Dondolo and TVEC Team