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The Virtual Event Company cordially invites you to be a speaker at Future Foods launching as an ongoing virtual conference and exhibition on the 9th and 10th of March 2022, where you will help resolve the challenges faced by the Food and Beverage Industries in Africa.  


The purpose of this two-day launch conference is to introduce industry themes and to showcase business cases that bring an understanding of the challenges faced by government departments, manufacturers and purchasing stakeholders as they drive performance. 

This conference will delve into the innovation, technology, products, and services that can address these. Themes will be unpacked by way of various speakers and moderated panelists who will address the ongoing Series of Theme Topics.  



 Conference Objectives - Apply Here

Themes will be unpacked in a continuous and ongoing process and call to actors as the food & beverage industries supply chain community and civil society across African Countries to:

  • Assist exporters to better understand cross border trade
  • Elevate public discourse about the importance of food systems
  • Highlight existing solutions and celebrate leaders in food systems transformation
  • Take new actions in the face of the pandemic
  • Focus on Intra-African Trade for Economic Stimulation
  • Promote B2B Networking across the Community

The Organizers of Future Foods appreciate that unpacking solutions for the Food & Beverage Industries cannot be addressed in 2 or 3 days.

As a result Future Foods will present an ongoing shared journey and feature industry-led professionals and stakeholders from the numerous segments that make up the F&B Industries.   

As a speaker and industry professional, we request that you share testimonies and solutions that have helped you achieve your goals and ask that you share your successes and challenges. 

We welcome your new Themes and highlight the Themes below to set the stage for the rollout of new Themes and Theme Topics for this shared experience and journey.  

You are free to add any topic relevant to the Themes below or any Theme and associated Topic you may propose:

Guide Themes and Topics - Apply Here

Making Food Systems More Efficient, Inclusive & Resilient 

  • Improving Income Earning Opportunities in Rural Areas to Address the Root Causes of Migration 
  • Preventing Transboundary & Emerging Agricultural and Food System Threats 
  • Addressing the Need for Coherent and Effective National & International Governance for Food & Nutrition Security 

Unpacking How Food Fraud Affects Food Producers, Manufacturers and Packaging Companies 

  • Insights into Intentional Economically Motivated Adulteration (EMA) & Highlighting Category Foods at Risk 
  •  Assessing Effective Mitigation Plans & Looking at How Supplier and Distribution Relationship may Safe Guard Your Supply Chain 
  • The Role of Compliance Bodies and How they can Support the Industry Against Food Fraud

Retailers, Restaurants, and Bars at the E-Commerce Forefront Discussing PESTLE & Cross Border considerations, Digital Trends & Risks  

  • A look at How Retail is dealing with Anti-Trust Issues & How to leverage on the POPIA  
  • Online Shopping, Bitcoin and a look at How Payment Technologies Are Disrupting Traditional Retailing: Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending using blockchain & Innovative POS solutions - a look at leading Tech Partners to the Food & Beverage Industry 
  • Unpacking Mainstream Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS)

Investment, Trade and Exports, a Look at Current Opportunities 

  • How Companies can Improve their Cross Border Trading Reputation 
  • Supply Chain Interrupted, an Insurance Perspective & Which Packages Cover your Business Across Borders 
  • A look at Funding Opportunities and how the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) can Stimulate Growth into New Markets
  • Look at Localization vs Globalization, a Discussion about the Rise of Local Brands and how Consumers are Buying Local 

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Sindy Dondolo and TVEC Team

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