Hosting an interactive, collaborative, and experiential event with Xtendevent allows Organizers to run a hybrid in support of the in-person event and to reach new globally-located exhibitor and attendee prospects. Organizers can realize new revenues, engage visitors via virtual conferencing, a virtual exhibition, and numerous participant networking opportunities. 

Virtual events can run over extended periods and Organizers can add ongoing live stream conferences and other 'drawcard' content to sustain attendee awareness and engagement, add value to exhibitors, and build the event Brand.

Social distancing constraints do not apply to online events that remove logistic and financial barriers to attendance making these are more accessible to a wider audience.


Measurable results. Detailed real-time automated and downloadable event and exhibitor leads

Ease of uptake

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, business audiences have adopted digital meetings or viewed live-stream content, and as such, the adaptation process is minimal.

Attendee Features

Business professionals can access virtual events from any Internet-connected device and are able to:

  • Visit the event landing page, register, and much more
  • Add Conference Speaker sessions to a Calendar
  • Engage Conference Speakers 
  • Participate in webinars
  • Watch past sessions as 'video on demand'
  • Engage Conference Speakers 
  • Source companies by product interest
  • Engage exhibitors on virtual booths
  • Gather exhibitor and other collateral from booths and the Media Centre to an ‘electronic briefcase’
  • Request product-specific quotations
  • Connect with exhibitors on a video call and schedule video call meetings 
  • Integrated business matchmaking
  • Live chat with online exhibitors and event organizers
  • Leave messages for offline exhibitors and organizers
  • Invite private network connections
  • Network selectively with event attendees

Exhibitor Features

Customized booth and content, matchmaking by visitor product interest, accept and make video calls to interested buyers, receive trade alerts, reply to messages, and business networking requests. Each virtual booth is custom-branded to match the exhibitor's corporate identity (CI) with additional design and content options listed below: 

  • Custom booth design and colors
  • Custom booth navigation button and text colors
  • Multiple virtual sales representatives
  • Company video display from the booth
  • Company profile and unlimited detailed products and services
  • External links to exhibitors company website 
  • Integrated product-specific request for quotation (RFQ)
  • Unlimited product videos
  • Upload catalogs and other collateral for visitors to save to their 'electronic briefcase'
  • Schedule video call meetings with visitors and conference attendees
  • Integrated matchmaking 
  • Automated trade alerts and detailed leads in Excel

Event Manager Features

Each virtual event is an extension of your brand

  • Multiple individually customized virtual events and assigned Event Managers
  • Host from your subdomain or exclusive event domain at Xtendevent
  • Free in-person-event promotion -View an example in the Event Directory
  • Free event exhibitor and visitor interest leads
  • Custom virtual conference and exhibition landing page -View a landing page example
  • Custom event taxonomy for attendees to instantly find exhibitors by product
  • Custom integrated attendee/visitor registration
  • Custom conferencing that allows you to create or replicate your program by day, time, speaker/bio, speaker topic, and attendee 'Add to Calendar' feature
  • Deliver a blend of live stream and webinars
  • Custom virtual environment, Lobby, Exhibition Halls, Auditorium, Networking Lounge, Resource/Media Center, Chat Central, and Organizer Help Desk
  • Custom Partner and Sponsor branding throughout the environment
  • Integrated exhibitor onboarding and payment gateway
  • Custom exhibitor booth, branding and, content for distribution
  • Detailed analytics 



Stephen Oehley

Xtendevent Founder and CEO
Company & Operations Management

Stephen has designed and financed the Xtendevent service. A business and marketing consultant by profession, Stephen has 40 years of experience spanning conference and B2B exhibition management, directing industrial publishing and advertising companies, and is an acknowledged digital solution and development consultant. Stephen is a multiple digital and publishing awards recipient and focuses his time on day-to-day operations, investor relations, strategic partnerships, key account customer relations, marketing, and sales mentorship.


Amanda Madileng

Business Development Director
Sales & Key Account Management

Amanda is a doting mother and experienced and results-oriented Key Account Management and Senior Sales Professional. She has a track record for acquiring and managing government and corporate clients and achieving targets. Amanda is proficient in formulating long-term sales strategies, translating corporate vision into actionable plans to reach targets, adept at identifying and fulfilling client requirements within the organizational framework, and highly skilled in conceptualizing and executing elaborate campaigns to propel business growth.


Mlamuli Mbambo

Investor and Corporate Relations Executive
Investor Relations

Mlamuli is focused on Xtendevent capital raising, investor relations, and risk mitigation. He is the Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Azania Chamber of Commerce. He serves as Commissioner of Financial Literacy and Nano-Economics at the Reset Global UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Advisory Board. He consults global companies looking for investment opportunities on the continent or expansion of their operations into Africa. He was selected as one of twenty young African thought leaders and entrepreneurs to attend the Tokyo International Conference for African Development. He is the author of Winning the Money Game- A Guide to Financial Well Being. He holds a bachelors’ degree in Economics and Finance.


Joshi Prakash

Systems Engineer and Lead Programmer
Technical Lead

Joshi is a Master of Computer Applications (MCA) graduate with Linux and Ubuntu serverside and software application programming experience. Joshi's competencies span multiple development frameworks and applications including ASP.NET, Laravelle, and Codeignitor and Javascript, Perl, Shell, Ruby, PHP, Python, SQL,  MVC, Web API, and node.js. Joshi leads systems infrastructure engineering and application software development and together with his team, continues to develop new features for Xtendevent’s secure high-performance web and mobile design services solution.


Buhle Sibanyoni

Africa Governments Liaison Executive
Public Sector Onboarding

Buhle heads public sector engagement and facilitates the onboarding of trade and investment departments and other organizations committed to African Free Continental Trade Agreement objectives. Buhle is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Azania Chamber of Commerce which is committed to capacitating intra-continental trade. She serves as Commissioner of Entrepreneurship & SMME Development at the Reset Global UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Advisory Board. She is the Brand Ambassador for PrincessD Menstrual Cup Africa, which seeks to eradicate period poverty across Africa. She is a Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE) Student.


Tebogo Madileng

Digital Marketing Director
Channel Campaigns Management

Tebogo is an entrepreneurially minded and creative digital marketing professional with a passion for digital marketing and advertising and brand and front-end design. Tebogo understands the important relationship between front-end design and digital marketing channel campaigns and possesses the creative and channel management skills that optimize search results and increase audience response. This approach helps Xtendevent and Customers realize successful campaigns with greater efficiencies that produce predictable, reliable, and consistent results at every interaction.


Mike Trow

Design Director
Frontend Graphic Design

Mike is a graphic designer with 34 years of experience, 26 of those trading as RedLetter Creative. He is totally hands-on when it comes to design projects - from initial ideas to final production. Mikes hallmark is maintaining accuracy and producing high-quality work to brief, whether it's designed for print or digital applications.


Bradley Metzer

Project Manager
Project and Traffic Coordination

Bradley is an experienced Project Manager with a demonstrated history of completing Projects across multiple industries. Bradley has delivered projects locally and in the United Arab Emirates for the Hospitality, Royal Palaces, Municipality, Roads & Transport Authorities, Commercial and Private Residence Sectors. Bradley's strong Program, Planning, Project, and Operational Management abilities ensure that virtual event projects and attendant exhibitor booths are produced to quality standards on time every time